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Division of Public Education, Exchange and Cooperation

Roles and Responsibilities:
(1) The division is responsible for the international exchange, cooperation and liaison of Guangdong Department of Environment Protection and its affiliated organizations. Its roles include: drafting and implementing the province's working plans of international cooperation in environment protection; reviewing cooperation documents and international liaison during its implementation period; keeping contact with consulate generals In Guangzhou; Reviewing and managing international meetings on environment protection held in China; inviting and reviewing people outside mainland China to our cooperation and exchange activities; making arrangement for visiting foreign delegations and coordinating international cooperation and exchange activities with relevant divisions.
(2) The division assists the state-level agencies in carrying out international environment protection treaties, manages and coordinates the implementation of international cooperative projects across organizations affiliated to Guangdong Department of Environment Protection.
(3) The division reviews and coordinates environment protection activities in the province organized by foreign NGOs.
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